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Lakland Vintage P style Skyline bass with 1.5' neck M NAT EX-Demo

Valmistaja: Lakland
Saatavuus:ei päävarastossa
Hinta: 1349,00 €
Myyntihinta: 878,00 €
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Lakland Skyline 44-64 PJ Maple natural

Skyline 44-64 shares the same aesthetics and Lakland split coil hybrid pickup as the USA Series version, capturing the rich and defined power of the early basses that revolutionized the four-string low-end world. The tone and power of a well-preserved vintage instrument with flawless Lakland fretwork and neck refinements makes this a modern classic. The 44-64 neck features a vintage spec 1.75” taper.

  • Offers the same design and feel of our high-end USA Series version, but at an economical price
  • Same split-coil hybrid pickup as the USA Series 44-64
  • Features a vintage spec 1.75″ neck taper

The Skyline 44-64 Custom PJ expands upon the 44-64 by adding a single coil “J” style bridge pickup into the mix for added versatility. Additionally, the Custom adds a 1.5” (J) neck taper with pearl block inlay markers, matching headstock color and bound Indian Laurel fingerboard. Ice Blue model features a maple unbound fingerboard with special abalone accented position markers.